Caribbean Wave Premium Island Cocktails #Indiegogo


Caribbean Wave Premium Island Cocktails

Bring Caribbean Bartender Cocktails to consumers in ready to drink pouches.

Hi Everyone!

I am Scott, founder and creator of Caribbean Wave Premium Island Cocktails.

Yes, that is me in the video.

Scott Folkins PhotoThanks for considering supporting my project to produce Caribbean Wave Premium Island Cocktails in ready to drink pouches and backing the $20,000 goal so consumers can have a taste of the islands.

I am an experienced beverage sales and marketing executive (23 years) who has created a unique and innovative product. You can learn more about my experience later in this summary.

How Caribbean Wave Premium Island Cocktails began:

During my trips to the Caribbean I fell in love with the island cocktails made by local bartenders. The bartenders taught me their special techniques and the ingredients that make them truly unique. I asked them if I could use the recipes in the US. They said “Yea Man” (Island for go ahead).

I sourced the best island ingredients available then created a manufacturing process keeping true to the Caribbean cocktail tradition and making them ready to drink. I developed a process to put them in eco-friendly party size pouches with an easy pour spout so you could take these island cocktails anywhere and share them with your friends.

I learned to make several cocktails and am distributing two of them:

Caribbean Wave Premium Island Cocktail Pouches

Goombay Punch Rum Cocktail (red) – Special silver rum blended with our secret formula which includes peach, pineapple, orange, coconut and a couple of others that I keep in the formula vault.

Cool Runnin Vodka Cocktail (yellow) – Special vodka blended with lemon and lime and other ingredients that I keep in the formula vault.

Only $20,000 for a project of this type?


I am only asking for your support for what I need at this time.

I have invested $125,000 of my own money to take Caribbean Wave Premium Island Cocktails from a concept to a real product.

The pledges from this campaign fund production of product for delivery to distributors and into retail liquor stores.

Why am I the person to make this happen?

Since 1990 I have been in the beverage sales, marketing, and development business for large and small sized companies. Here are some of my real life beverage business experiences, because you should know who you are backing:

  • Sunny Delight®, Hawaiian Punch® Folgers Coffee®, Xtrem Energy Drinks®, Fair Hare Winery, 7UP®, RC Cola®
  • Liquor distribution network: developed distribution for other brands within the liquor industry.

I knew I needed to do a lot of upfront work to make sure my product and concept would have consumer acceptance.

I have done my homework, footwork and personally invested my own funds, time, and passion.

Why should I ask you to back me if I am not all in?

Here is what I have completed and invested in to date:

  • Federal permits so I can sell products in the US
  • Federal Government Agency alcohol product formula registration
  • Federal Government package and graphics approval
  • Package prototypes to test quality
  • Production test run
  • Consumer Product Focus Groups – pre production
    • Graphics – did the graphics communicate brand?
      • 9 out of 10 rating
    • Product taste test
      • 9.5 out of 10 rating
  • Product ship testing to insure finished product would meet expectations of distributors and retailers
  • Ingredients for initial test run production
  • Packaging for initial test run
  • Liquor store sales test to determine product salability and consumer response
  • Distributor interviews to determine if product fit in their business

I will keep you updated with all progress made. If you pledge you will automatically be added to our Caribbean Wave Newsletter and receive updates on my progress.

If you can’t pledge, please send this link to your friends and family. Just getting the word out is so helpful!

I am all grateful for your pledges and support.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my project.

Your kindness is appreciated.

Scott Folkins – Founder & Creator



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