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New Kickstarter project combines smartphone
and wireless technology to end energy waste

Toronto June 23, 2013 – Smartphone users will soon be able to control and monitor any electronic appliance in their home or office with the touch of a button, if a Toronto-based start-up has their way.

The valta system, as it’s called, launched this week on Kickstarter. It is a ‘smart’ outlet, phone app, and power system that creates an RF network and allows users to control and monitor devices in the home and office.

The valta system is designed to do things that other so-called ‘smart’ systems cannot do, say company representatives.

Standby power detection: Valta is the only product on the market place that can detect unused devices in standby mode, which enables us to send push message to your mobile device to remind you to turn it off. By doing this, valta aims to change user behavior to adopt a more sustainable usage pattern for the long term.

Geofencing: Valta’s app has the capability to detect whether you are at home or away automatically through your smartphone. A valta user can set the app to turn off devices when away from home, and turn back on upon arrival home. The system is designed to avoid “Ooops, I forgot” moments while at the same time saving energy.

Extremely low power usage: By leveraging 915 MHz RF, valta sockets use less energy than any of its competitors (0.6 watts). Most energy management solution uses Wi-Fi, which consumes more energy, and in many cases, more energy than the standby power consumption of the devices they are monitoring. Why should anyone use a power-saving system that might use more power itself?

Better connectivity: Most people use Wi Fi for their Internet connectivity, so interference is a given. By leveraging 915 MHz RF, valta gets better range and less interference than Wi Fi or other solutions. Valta sockets have a minimum range of 100 meters, while Wi-Fi modules typically have a range of 50 meters.

Sleek Design: Most similar products in the market place are clunky and impractical. Sockets are large and cover up the entire wall plug, which takes away from practicality of the product. Valta sockets are sleek and minimalistic and designed to look good in the home or office. Plugging one in does not interfere with the customers from using the other plug for other purposes.

For more information on the kickstarter launch visit

About Valta:
Valta was started to bring transparency to electricity usage. The company founders wanted the masses to understand how energy is being used and wasted, and what we can do about it. Most energy management systems only allow you to turn on-and-off electrical devices remotely. The ones with energy measurements to help you manage usage are too technical and require insider knowledge and background to navigate. Some of this can be quite difficult to understand. The goal at Valta is to make energy management easy to understand by creating an elegant, yet simple to use system that can truly help people manage their energy usage without sacrificing their life style. Valta believes being energy efficient no longer just means turning down the thermostat, or turning off the light when you leave the room, it means eliminating energy waste. Valta provides a tool to use energy without wasting it, and help users to adopt more sustainable usage patterns.

Press Kit:
Here are our product videos posted on youtube:

Here are our product videos posted on vimeo:

For product pictures, we have posted on behance at the following link for ease of download:

Media Contacts

Jeff Lin

Tom Boyd
Flat Earth Media


Super Zero- a film that celebrates the average, the eccentric, and the powerless. #Kickstarter

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

A geeky, shy and terminally ill teen rises from utter insignificance to become a Zombie Assassin and mankind’s last hope for survival.

The film follows 19-year-old engineering prodigy Josh Hershberg, an overweight, introverted and terminally ill gamer kid who has given up hope that he matters to the world. As Josh contemplates what future, if any, is worth looking forward to, a zombie apocalypse breaks out and quickly ravages the planet.

Josh suffers from a rare form of brain cancer. For some reason, this tricks the zombies into sensing he’s already dead and they simply ignore him. As the world crumbles around him, Josh takes advantage of his condition. He utilizes his engineering expertise to craft ridiculously powerful weapons to obliterate the undead and save the rest of humanity.

Think of Josh as a cross between Leonardo da Vinci and 'Lardass' from Stand By Me.Think of Josh as a cross between Leonardo da Vinci and ‘Lardass’ from Stand By Me.

Unlike most films, Josh isn’t asked to change who he is. He’s the same shy, geek-culture lover he’s always been. He’s just like so many of us; a good person who tries hard, but has never been given the platform to succeed. But, since the world is flipped upside down, he now possesses ‘God Mode’ and is the most powerful human being on the planet!

THE APOCALYPSE: As a result of unprecedented events, the world’s water supply is vanishing. Luckily, the Mars rover has discovered a massive untapped reservoir under the Red Planet’s surface.

A sample of that liquid is on its way back home to be studied when the rocket carrying the payload crashes while re-entering Earth’s atmosphere. Society quickly learns this water is not our salvation, but instead carries a horrific microbe that infects the population.

Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey children’s book #kickstarter

Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey

by Jason Oshman

Robot and Fox is the story of Roland and his epic journey with his buddy, Fox, as they search to find Roland’s ship and get him home.

Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey is a children’s book about a robot named Roland Botemus and his journey across the galaxy to find the perfect gift for his fiancée, Rosie. But, when Roland accidentally becomes separated from his ship on a distant planet, his mission plans change, and instead, he must scour the planet to find his ship and return home. Luckily for him, one of the planet’s furry inhabitants is ready and rarin’ to help!

Meanwhile, Rosie receives a distress signal from Roland’s lost ship. When she tries to contact Roland and doesn’t get a response, she decides to venture across the galaxy and rescue the one she loves. Little does she know, she’s going to have to face her own set of perils as she encounters dangerous space anomalies and cunning, crazy pirates!

Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey Book CoverRobot and Fox: The Amazing Journey Book Cover

My goal is to release Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey as an eBook and online. As a first-time self-publisher, this is the best way for me to make the book widely available for everyone to read quickly and inexpensively.

Robot and Fox will be available for purchase online to read on your tablet, e-reader, phone, or computer!Robot and Fox will be available for purchase online to read on your tablet, e-reader, phone, or computer!

The world of Robot and Fox is full of robots, snow whompuses, pirates and more! Click the picture of the whole crew below to find out more about all the characters Roland and Rosie come across in their journey!

Click the image above to see detailed character bios on the website!

The funds from this campaign will be going toward the costs of finishing the Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey eBook and getting it ready to release online.

These costs include the final editing and formatting of the manuscript, final touch-up and preparation of the cover and inside illustrations, and the legal costs associated with releasing the book (which includes purchasing the copyright, and ISBN numbers). The cost of all of these things would be covered by the $1500 raised and get the book ready for release.

I love the characters and world of the book, and there’s so much more I want to do with it! I’d be thrilled to raise the initial goal and release the book, but if we can raise more than that, there are more things I want to make the book even better!

If we can reach the $1500 goal, I have some other things planned for Robot and Fox and would love to do them!

My first goal beyond releasing the book would be to finish an animated trailer I’m working on to help promote and bring attention to the book. The trailer will be a 90-second, 2-D animated venture into the world of Robot and Fox. The goal would be to give potential readers a stunning and beautiful peek at the world of the story.

Trailer Preview

I’m currently working on animating and creating the backgrounds. There’s a long way to go, but here’s a few pictures of from the trailer in progress:


Roughing in and creating a series of mountain ranges to fly over.Roughing in and creating a series of mountain ranges to fly over.
Creating the inside of a volcano.Creating the inside of a volcano.
Roughing in a shot in the desert with a stand-in image of Roland.Roughing in a shot in the desert with a stand-in image of Roland.


Fox smiling up at Roland, waiting to be animated and colored!Fox smiling up at Roland, waiting to be animated and colored!
Animating in Toon Boom StudioAnimating in Toon Boom Studio
Going from storyboard to key pose drawing.Going from storyboard to key pose drawing.

I’m extremely excited to bring all these characters to life with animation, but my little laptop can’t handle the task. The shot featured above took a full day to render on its own. In order to finish the entire thing, I’m going to need a more powerful computer to handle the complex visuals featured in the trailer.

There are some shots in the trailer also require 3D set elements. I would like to use a tool that works with After Effects called Element 3D to incorporate these set pieces in After Effects. The software is relatively inexpensive at $150 USD.

Finishing the trailer on my own would also be a Herculean task. Much of this stretch goal would go toward getting some helping hands in the animation process with animating, inbetweening, coloring, and compositing.

With the right equipment, and the help of some friends, I would love to release the trailer side-by-side with the book at the end of July!

If the campaign reaches its initial goal of $3000 and reaches beyond that to this level, I will commission my friend Steve Blumenthal to create a Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey soundtrack! I’ve worked with Steve on all of my short animated films, and I know he’ll be able to make something awesome! He will create 20 songs (one for each chapter), and I will release the soundtrack as a free download on iTunes! It will be free for anyone to download!

I would be so stoked to raise this much for the book! If the campaign goes beyond these other goals, funds raised above and beyond the $4000 mark will go toward a paperback version of the book. The process for this is expensive, and the book as it is now is not well-suited for print. Color illustrations are extremely expensive to have inside a book, so additional funds will go toward creating a new series of black-and-white pen and ink drawings for the book. Printed books also require more exact formatting and setup for print, and fund would go toward making these changes to the manuscript.

I’m hoping through a combination of the funds received from this Kickstarter campaign, and the early sales of the book, I can deliver a print version of the book in the near future!

If funding does reach this level, stay tuned for other stretch goals for other fun Robot and Fox ideas!

The Kickback: Debut Album ‘Sorry All Over The Place’ #kickstarter


The Kickback: Debut Album ‘Sorry All Over The Place’

After two EPs and a handful of singles, The Kickback is ready to record their debut album!

Sorry All Over The Place is a collection of songs about being terrified of dying, but even more scared of not living. But, you know. Really danceable.

Hi. I’m Billy. The Kickback started in my Criminal Justice book (the name was in a blurb about Enron. Believe it or not, things didn’t turn out so great for those guys) at the University of South Dakota and has since claimed my brother Danny, Washington D.C.-native Eamonn, and Mexico-born Jonny. All I’ve ever wanted to do is make an album of music I was proud to put into the world. All I’ve ever wanted to do is to make recordings that would define moments of your life. All I’ve ever wanted to do is to be your everything, all the time, and without precedent or competition. I want to make a record to make popes (multiple) weep, to make wingless animals fly, and make Michael Keaton notice us and decide to star in all of our music videos for the rest of our lives. And it’s time for us to try.

I can’t actually explain why this means so much to me the same way I can’t explain why “Walk Away Renee” by Left Banke reduced me to tears while riding in a van with my mom around age 7. I understood that after losing a girlfriend in the third grade, I should call the Sioux Falls, SD oldies station and request “Leader of the Pack” by the Shangri-Las and stay up until 10 p.m. (on a school night for God’s sakes) waiting to tape the song on my boombox. I understood that “December, 1963 (Oh What a Night)” by the Four Seasons was probably the greatest song ever written (my 10-year-old Christmas proclamation of 1996). Without music, my sorry life isn’t worth the skin it’s printed on (try shouting that at your wife in the middle of an argument about the volume of The Muppet Movie soundtrack in your apartment), and I want to make a record that will make someone feel the same. I want you to hear our record and feel hope/hopeless/doubtful/stupefied/rejected/rewarded/FULL OF EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER BEEN A FEELING. This seems to be the best way to make that happen.

It ruined Danny and me fairly early on.It ruined Danny and me fairly early on.

We’ve put recordings into the world. Ask a guy in this band how he feels about them.

Please don’t. It’s a touchy subject.

We’ve put out a couple EPs and a few singles, all with budgetary guns pressed so hard to our heads that the inevitable outcome sounded rushed, lifeless, and like the budgetary gun was used instead to shoot ourselves in the foot (to get the most mileage out of a useless metaphor). We’ve decided to do it right, despite how bloated the number may appear to you or how selfish and unnecessary a Kickstarter may seem when there are so many problems to fix in the world. This isn’t a humanitarian effort unless you count the mental health of four frustrated boys in Chicago. If you don’t think we won’t hate ourselves for every minute of this campaign, then boy you didn’t grow up Catholic or Jewish (we’ve got a healthy mix). But if it’s between continually putting out records we don’t believe in and putting out nothing at all, at this point we’re ready to defer to the latter. But just once, we want to do this right. Make a record as God intended.

But we don’t have a label or rich uncles. My desire to make music gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me from sleeping at night, but wishes and hopes make not a pope weep from the new Kickback record he just heard on his solid gold pope turntable. The pope only weeps if we can afford to do this.

After pooling our collective money, we find ourselves about 16k shy of our goal. Your contribution will help pay for the engineering, the production, the mastering, the PR (eye-roll, yeah, but we have to if we want people to hear it), the packaging, and the distribution of the record. Best case scenario: A label decides to put it out and people are able to hear it all over the world. Worst case scenario: we put it on the Internet and people are able to hear it all over the world. We want to ensure that start-to-finish, what you wind up hearing is the best thing we can offer.

Hey, it's Jim Eno!Hey, it’s Jim Eno!

When trying to bring the world to its knees with ecstasy (the emotion), it’s nice to have some help. When we found out that Jim Eno from Spoon (and a bunch of awesome records he’s produced and engineered) liked our demos and was into making our album, I went straight back to age 7 in the car with Mom. One of my heroes wants to help make our album. The one we’re trying to do right. Think of something you love. [Actually do this. Pause for a second, you speed-reading fiend] Now think of the person you think does it as well as it can possibly be done. [Again, give it a sec, Marion Jones] Now imagine them telling you they’d like to help you make something. There’s too many vague pronouns for that to make much sense, but sweet Mary Higgins Clark, maybe you can understand my excitement.

We hope some of the perks we’ve put together might motivate you to help us out, but frankly, you know it doesn’t really cover the cost of your contribution. Please know you’ll be giving life to something that we’ve been trying to achieve since I started putting songs into a Tascam Portastudio cassette recorder. This record isn’t just about us having a group of songs that we’re confident about or working with people that seem to get what we’re trying to do; those situations come and go. We want to make a record that does something to you. It makes you hate your in-laws or pity your life choices or love your neighbor or hug a landlord. If these things we’ve made can’t make you breathe heavy for a minute, we’ll have failed. And this means too much to us to fail.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for maybe contributing or at least not publicly calling us names. We can’t stop this music thing because it’s a sickness. It doesn’t relent and it doesn’t forgive, but it’s what gives us life. I hope you have something you love as much as we love this. It makes the world a better place. It makes life okay even when you’re openly begging for money. Let’s make some popes cry.

How @KinshipMarketin has marketed over 100 #Crowdfunding Projects!


Kinship Marketing has now marketed over 100 successfully funded Kickstarter projects that range from a few hundred dollars to over a hundred thousand. We are a company that is dedicated to helping the independent creator fund their dreams and I guarantee you won’t find our level of marketing anywhere else for anywhere near our prices.

Kinship Marketing has developed intense, specialized marketing campaigns that were created just for Kickstarter projects. We apply 75% of whatever you pay us to other paid advertising services that we manage daily. Ensuring your project receives the highest amount of targeted traffic as possible. In addition, your project will be seen on over 60 crowdfunding websites that we also market daily. Each of these websites receives anywhere from a few hundred visitors to over six thousands visitors a day. Kinship Marketing also uses several forums of social media to drive constant, targeted traffic to your project.

We charge $50 a week, or $200 a Kickstarter, for our services but we are happy to accommodate each customer for their specific needs. Kinship is run by a small group of marketing experts that started this type of marketing platform because of their desire to help the independent creator fund their goals. It is what drives us everyday to do whatever we can to ensure each Kickstarter project we market reaches its goal.

While we can not guarantee that your project will be funded, when using our services we can guarantee that 10s of thousands of people will see your Kickstarter. There is also another aspect of our marketing that no other marketing company or paid advertising service can offer.

– If your project doesn’t reach its funding goal we will market the re-launch of your Kickstarter for half price.

– If the re-launch isn’t successful we’ll market the third attempt for free. Meaning, we will pay for all of the costs involved. The reason we do this is because our marketing is highly effective and we have yet to have a project not be funded on the re-launch. So far, more than 95% of the Kickstarters we market are funded on the first project launch!

When you use Kinship Marketing, you’re not simply hiring a marketing company. You’re hiring a small team of marketing ninjas that fight everyday to ensure your funding goals are met. Please visit our website and fill out the forum at the bottom. We’ll respond within 24 hours and will begin working right away on making sure your Kickstarter goal is reached and surpassed.

One more thing- If you don’t have the money to market your Kickstarter please contact us anyway. We’re are happy to give free advice and help out however we can. Kinship also strongly believes in making the world a better place so if you’re working with a non-profit or charity please contact us for free marketing help. We will never charge a non-profit for marketing and it is a service we offer 100% for free because we feel it’s the right thing to do.

Please visit our site and fill out the simple forum at the bottom of the page

Thank you for your time and we look forward to getting your Kickstarter funded.


ProsPosition-Cracking the Code of the Golf Swing


ProsPosition-Cracking the Code of the Golf Swing


By using the Pros Position you don’t just fix your drives, or approach shots, or your irons and fairway shots,…you fix them all.

The ProsPosition: Cracking the Code of the Golf Swing

The Greatest Challenge Most Golfers Face:

  • Slicing – Insufficient hip turn
  • Pull Hooking – Improper backswing angle
  • Inconsistent Ball Contact – “Fly Away” arms
  • Hitting the Ground – Improper swing path

ANY ONE of these will cause a mis-hit, and you can get rid of all four IMMEDIATELY.

Check Out This Video to See What We Mean:

What Professional Golfers Do, That Most of us Don’t:

Every golfer has a unique swing that looks different through their swing. Even the pros. However, at the moment the club-face touches the ball, every professional and every excellent golfer looks almost identical. Take a look at any major golf publication that has a frame by frame breakdown of a pro golfer’s swing. Each issue highlights a different professional golfer. If you compare these breakdowns they will show you that some take the club back flat and some on a steep angle. Some follow through all the way, and some stop early. But at impact, the only point in the swing that truly matters, they all have their hips turned about 45 degrees to the target line and the elbow of their lower hand close to their hip as they strike the ball. That is the professional position at impact.

So What IS the ProsPosition?

The ProsPosition is a patented golf solution designed to suit any golfer. This lightweight tool fits discretely in your pocket until you’re ready to swing. At that point, you simply clip it onto your belt, swing away and let the Pros Position notify you when you’re making an error.

The ProsPosition training aid is the only training aid in the world which lets you feel what the pros feel on every full swing. When you’re swinging the golf club like a pro, you won’t even know it is attached. But when you swing like a beginner, you’ll knock your elbow into it and close the paddle against your hip. It is the simplest, most effective teaching aid you will ever use.

What’s the Story Behind the ProsPosition?

The Pros Position is a product that was born out of a lesson with a friend and former pro. During the lesson he pointed to a Golf magazine’s photo break-downs of various professional golfers. His observation was that although they all look different at the top of the back swing and after follow through, they are identical at the point of impact. This is the only point of the swing which truly matters. The challenge was how to achieve this through a device that could provide immediate feedback without being ponderously awkward. I developed this with an engineer, who sent the designs to the Robert Byrd Institute in WV. After several years and many variations we came up with the current, highly efficient, and functional design.

We have a web site developed, manufacturing operations with prototype completed, and marketing channels established. I have also worked on a different golf product in 2006 and learned an enormous amount about how to properly market such a device. Once we have completed all R&D on the final design we will begin producing a small amount of inventory (1,000 units) and roll out the marketing campaign. Once the initial inventory is 75% sold we will obtain consumer feedback, make any modifications (if necessary) and immediately increase inventory to 5,000 units. We will likewise increase marketing channels to include retail opportunities.

Why Will Golfers LOVE the ProsPosition?

(Other than because of our tagline, “When It’s Pros…It’s Poetry” – Get it?)

If you’re a golfer, and you’re not a professional, chances are good you’ve had some of the issues listed below. And if that’s correct, you absolutely identify with all the frustration that can bring(especially if you’re golfing in front ofother people).

•If you are bringing the club back too close to your body, it corrects you.

•If your arms aren’t working with your torso, it corrects you.

•If you don’t turn your hips before impact, it corrects this too.

•It has a multi-directional pivot point which allows it to be used by right handed and left handed golfers alike. Once it is placed on the golfer’s hip it provides a perfect guide for taking the club back on the proper plane, and the perfect touch point for the leading elbow at impact and follow through.

•It fits discretely in your pocket or golf bag.

•Immediate feedback allows you know when you are swinging properly, and when you are not.

That being said, if there was a golf aid that could help you look less embarrassing on the course, you would likely jump at the chance to do that. Which is why the golf merchandise industry brings in revenue of approximately $25 BILLION a year worldwide.

Why Should You Fund the ProsPosition?

• By funding at $40, you can have one of the first ones and get better at golf than your friends

• Your birthday/Father’s Day shopping is taken care of in a snap(you’re welcome Dad)

• You’re helping the golf community gain street cred

• You’ll stop losing those $5 golf balls ( It’ll save you money )

• You’ll win more golf bets ( It’ll make you money )

• You’ll actually look like a golfer

Product Dimensions:

Length: 4 7/8inches

Height: 3 3/4 inches

Thickness: 1/2 inch

Weight: 3 oz.

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

We are mindful of the many opportunities in the market for a viable well designed golf training aid. We are also aware that there are a number of hurdles which can derail even the best conceived products. Having been through this process before, we do not underestimate the challenges associated with bringing a product to market.
Chief among these hurdles are proper testing of the device, sufficient financing, appropriate marketing message, direct marketing channels to consumers, inexperienced personnel, adequate inventory levels for quick order fulfillment, responsive customer service, and unrealistic expectations. New products offered by new brands have an inherent level of caution applied to them by the consumer. Rightly so. Too many times a new product comes to market which over promises and under delivers. This is a certain failure no matter how quickly it begins to sell. In the current age of instant consumer feedback it is critical to have the product performing exactly as it is marketed, or even better. Once objective third party reviews and positive feedback are provided to the market, credibility is established and strengthened.
Our approach is to ensure that the Pros Position is market ready from the very first unit. Our prototype has undergone significant use in a multitude of conditions. It has been subjected to a large number of golfers of vastly divergent skill level. From Professional golfer to pre-teen golfer, it has seen impact from right handed and left handed golfers alike, and still it performs as though it were new. By subjecting the Pros Position to such rigorous trials we are confident of its ability to perform for the consumer. After ensuring the product’s durability, we must be certain of its consistency. The first unit must be, in form and function, the same as the 900,000th unit. Adequate financing allows for modifications in production and design if initial product runs do not meet performance standards. Even after stringent design specifications, this problem does occur. Without proper resources it can be disastrous.
Once the comfort level of a market ready product has been achieved it is necessary to promote it as quickly and broadly as possible. Through accounts currently in place on all major social media sites, an aggressive email campaign, and placement in appropriate magazine placements, we will generate base level sales sufficient to support additional marketing efforts and grow our inventory. Once achieved, we will be in a position to offer large quantity purchases to retail outlets, and home shopping television channels.
In the parlance of the business world we have conducted a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis of this business model and have provided the following:
• Strengths – an experienced management team, a market tested product, and low cost company infrastructure
• Weaknesses – insufficient capital, insufficient inventory, part time application of talent to tasks
• Opportunities – a $25 billion golf industry, multiple successful competitive products that do not perform as well as ours, 2 additional products in development
• Threats – other than swarming locusts, stagnant growth in the golf industry, uncertainty of production capabilities, better funded counterfeit products, illegal reproduction into emerging markets
Once funding goals are met we are extremely confident we will be able to take full advantage of the ‘first mover principle’ and dominate this market segment before any legitimate threat is formed.
Thank you for your time and consideration, we appreciate all of your help and support.

The Pros Position #Kickstarter press release- a patented golf solution designed to suit any golfer.

Contact: Kinship Marketing

Michael B. Licata Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign- Pros Position.
The goal is to raise $9,500 for the a new patented golf solution tool.

Buffalo, NY– Michael B. Licata has launched a crowdfunding campaign on, in hope of raising a total of $85,000 to help cover the costs associated with the production of a new patented golf solution tool.

“The ProsPosition is a patented golf solution designed to suit any golfer. This lightweight tool fits discretely in your pocket until you’re ready to swing. At that point, you simply clip it onto your belt, swing away and let the Pros Position notify you when you’re making an error. “

Supporters are invited to make a contribution ranging from $1 to $1,000.

Donors won’t walk away empty-handed. Contributors will receive a thank you gift, ranging from having their name placed on the ProsPosition webpage to a complete ProPosition golfers kit.

To make a contribution or to learn more about Pros Position, visit